Basic blinds are designed to offer privacy in the home and block light, allowing you to enjoy your interior windows however you wish. Classic aluminum blinds are cost-effective and come in a variety of hues, but they are not very durable and can be easily chipped, cracked, bent or outright broken by frequent use or curious children and pets.

Modern styles of aluminum blinds help make them more appealing in the home, but there are window treatment alternatives you can consider that will beautify your living space just as easily. Consider giving your windows an upgrade by choosing any of these alternatives to coverage and privacy.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo is a type of grass that is used as flooring and other household decorations. Shades made of bamboo offer a natural, soft look to your windows without adding a lot of bulk. The shades can go up or down to your liking by pulling on a cord, which is similar to traditional blinds.
Another reason to switch from your current blinds to bamboo shades is this: according to Feng Shui, bamboo is considered to be very lucky and using the material as part of your window treatment decorating can help bring balance and calm to your home. Pair delicate bamboo shades with silk or lace curtains to complete the effect.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds add color to a room and bring out the allure of your windows with a solid material piece that folds beautifully when manipulated. These blinds provide privacy and sun blockage, and you can choose Roman blinds in a variety of hues to match your current decor, such as goldenrod, black, gray or even pastel shades.

What makes Roman blinds so appealing is their streamlined appearance when installed. Without the bulk of individual slats, you can easily adorn Roman shades with thick, patterned curtains without overwhelming your window space.

Wooden Blinds

If you love the look of classic blinds but simply want a material that has more texture and durability, upgrade from your blinds to wooden varieties. Wooden blinds come in several species of wood that you can choose from to achieve the grain and color you desire.

If wooden blinds are outside your budget, opt for a vinyl alternative. Vinyl blinds can be designed to mimic wood, and are versatile in their creation, which allows you to choose the style that best matches the classic look you want and soften your windows without causing you to go over-budget. Talk to your window treatment specialist about wooden and vinyl blind alternatives you can choose from.

Vertical Blinds

Ideal for large windows that require coverage, vertical blinds are made with wide slats that can be pulled to the side to let light in fully or rotated at an angle to allow for little light and greater privacy. Vertical blinds are simple in design and elegant, adding classic allure to a large living or a dining room window that is difficult to cover.

Vertical blinds are typically designed to be used alone and have the greatest appeal if they are not disturbed by other window treatments. If you want to decorate your windows with vertical blinds and draperies, your window treatment specialist can help you choose the best curtains or drapes to complement this blind style.

Upgrading from traditional blinds to new shades or different blind styles is an easy way to upgrade your windows and give your home a more modern look. We have a wide selection of window treatments for you to select from at Sylvan's & Phillip's Drapes and Blinds. Contact one of our friendly representatives today to discuss your design needs and allow us to assist you in upgrading your windows beautifully.