You’ve probably spent a good deal of time decorating your home, making it look and feel the way you want. Some of the many adornments are window treatments, specifically drapes and valances. What you may not know is that these treatments provide functional benefits.

  • Lower Energy Bills One of the biggest benefits of drapes and valances is that they keep the sun out of your home, lowering your energy costs.
  • Lower Electric Bills On that same note, if your cooling or heating system runs on electric, drapes will keep it from having to run as often. You can also open the drapes and allow the sun to pour in, allowing you to turn lights off.
  • Privacy Window treatments keep prying eyes out of your home. You can block the view of passersby with drapes and valances.
  • Affordability Drapes and valances are affordable; especially when you consider they can last a long time. Drapes can last for many years if you maintain them, and are less likely to break.

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