As a Southern California homeowner, you feel the heat when the sun beams in your home. This makes your home warmer, which triggers your air conditioning system. Roller shades can keep the sun out of your home while also giving you added security. Sylvan’s & Phillip’s Drapes and Blinds has a great selection of roller shades for your home.

The benefits of roller shade are plentiful:

  • They keep the sun’s rays out of your home while still allowing light in, saving you money on energy and electric bills
  • They can be adjusted to fit the light coming in.
  • Their design allows you to see through them, but blocks the view from external eyes.
  • Their material keeps harmful UV rays out of your home.

Sylvan’s & Phillip’s Drapes and Blinds is an authorized Qmotion electronic roller shades, which are easy to use and affordable. Since 1965, we’ve been outfitting Los Angeles homes with blinds, shades and drapes to fit individual styles and needs. Call us at 310-299-7107 for a free estimate!