When you think of drapes, you understandably think of large sections of fabric that are used to cover the windows in your home. What you might not consider, however, is that you can take ordinary drapes in the right size, material and color and hang them from a rod or other mounting hardware that isn't mounted above a window.

This approach can provide a number of benefits, including those that are both visual and functional. Any drape and blind company can take care of this job for you, given this type of organization's skill and experience with hanging curtain rods. Here are three places to mount drapes in your home.

In Front of a Closet

If you find that your closet doors are a hassle, one option is to remove them and hang a few drapes in their place. For example, you might have a large closet in your master bedroom with sliding doors. If you and your spouse are constantly needing to get into the closet at the same time, you'll face a challenge—when you slide the door open to access your side of the closet, the door is in your spouse's way, and vice versa. A simple improvement is to have your installer remove the doors and their tracks and then hang a rod with drapes above the closet opening in their place. Doing so adds a pleasant, soft look to the space and also allows each of you to use the closet concurrently.

In Front of Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are notoriously small, which means that whether you're carrying a heavy laundry basket or maneuvering the ironing board off its mount on the wall, if the room's door opens inward, it will probably often be in the way.

An alternative is to remove the door entirely and hang a drape over the opening to the room. The removal of the door instantly makes the laundry room more open and easy to navigate, and you can install a hook to the side of the door from which to tie the drape to keep it out of the way.

To Divide a Large Room

Another creative way to use drapes that doesn't involve hanging them in front of a window is to use them to divide a large room. All you'll need to do is find a curtain rod that is long enough to span the space, then have your installer set everything up for you.

Perhaps you have a large main room that you partially use as a TV area and partially as a kids' play area. Hanging drapes between the two areas provides a divider, but one that you can still push back when needed.

This approach also often works in the basement.

Hanging Across the Ceiling

Although most people hang their drapes vertically, another approach to consider is mounting them horizontally. Affixing your drapes to mounting hardware so that they span your ceiling can be visually appealing.

For this look, you want the drapes to take a ruffled appearance, rather than be stretched straight. Drapes hung in this manner can add a coziness and a funky vibe to many different rooms throughout your home.

If you want to soften the look of your master bedroom, for example, this idea can work well. If you have an art studio or a music room in your home, drapes hanging across the ceiling can provide an appealing environment.

Whether you want to hang some new drapes in any of the above locations, or you're simply planning to buy drapes to cover any of the windows of your home, contact Sylvan's & Phillip's Drapes and Blinds.