Whether you've recently moved or you're ready to update your existing window treatments, you need coverings for your bedroom windows. You have many considerations with bedroom window treatments, not the least of which is privacy. Light control is also an important factor.

However, your window treatments can also help set the style of your bedroom décor. Look at some of the current trends in window treatments and decide if one of them is right for you.

1. Dramatic Drapes

Creating a sense of drama is one way to make your window treatments stand out. Hanging long drapes, which hang from ceiling to floor, is one way to get this effect.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, there are two ways to make this look work. You could let the drapes brush the floor by having the rods hung at the exact length of the panels - typically 84, 95 or 96 inches in length. Conversely, you could have the drapes puddle on the floor for a "ball-gown effect." For this effect, choose the longest drapes and have the rod hung between 84 to 90 inches high.

The fabric you choose is important to create drama. Naturally, more formal fabrics can give your windows a stage-like appearance. Likewise, when puddling panels, the fabric must be fairly lightweight, such as linen, silk or synthetic materials. Otherwise, they won't create that soft pool at the bottom.

2. Deluxe Fabrics

Whether you're creating a sense of drama or going for another effect, another window treatment trend to try in the bedroom is choosing a deluxe fabric. Deluxe options include:

  • Silk. This heavy fabric drapes well and colors appear deep and rich.
  • Linen. This loose-weave fabric can look both soft and tailored, and it lets diffused sunlight in.
  • Velvet. This weighty fabric drapes beautifully and looks especially deep and rich.
  • Damask. This reversible-figured fabric is made of cotton, synthetic fibers, wool or linen. It features silky patterning against a rich backdrop.

When you choose deluxe fabrics for your curtain panels, you could let the fabric take center stage with simple rings and rods. Conversely, you could create a lavish effect with fancy rod accouterments and rich embellishments on the panels themselves.

3. Naturalistic Backdrop

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may want your window treatments to recede into the background. Perhaps you have banks of windows, or maybe you just want your bedroom décor to take center stage. Naturalistic shades are an appealing choice for low-profile window treatments.

A popular trend is choosing bamboo shades for your windows, especially because they're eco-friendly. These are essentially constructed by weaving bamboo wood into a fabric, which is why they're also called woven wood or matchstick blinds. Also, these are generally left with their natural color, which gives them a casual, organic feel. Like linen, they let in diffused light.

4. Chic Palette

Chic is always on-trend, so you could start with a chic palette for your bedroom window treatments. Monochromatic or tone-on-tone palettes always give a sophisticated feel to any room. For these styles, you're going to want to layer the window treatments.

If you want a purely monochromatic palette, choose different styles of treatments in the exact same shade. For example, start with soft beige shades and flank them with soft beige curtain panels. A monochromaticbeige pattern works for this example.

For a tone-on-tone palette, choose the same style of window treatments in different shades of a color. You could start with eggshell-colored sheer panels for light control and flank them with beige panels. The key is to change the intensity of the color - not the tone. In other words, don't go warmer or cooler, just go lighter or darker.

Choose a stylish backdrop for your bedroom décor by trying one of these window treatment trends. Call Sylvan's & Phillip's Drapes and Blinds to talk about window treatments for your home.